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Press Release

Truliant Consulting Announces New Organizational Structure

BALTIMORE, Feb. 1, 2024

Truliant Consulting today announces a new organizational structure reflecting the growth and maturity of the company.

In this new structure, Ms. Jamie Portnoff will serve as Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Rosa Qian will serve as Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Saurabh Khurana will serve as Chief Strategy Officer.

“These formally defined executive roles and their associated responsibilities will help us continue to sharpen our focus and best serve our clients, strategic partners and our employees in the very specialized and very dynamic field of pharmacovigilance and risk management,” said Ms. Portnoff.

Mr. Khurana said, “Truliant has solidified its position as an objective thought leader in the PV space, consistently prioritizing our clients' needs. We are committed to fostering strong partnerships with all the PV technology providers as they innovate to advance the industry. Truliant remains dedicated to navigating technology and regulation trends with our clients to support them in achieving their objectives.”

Truliant has also formally appointed 6 company Directors who together, provides strategic direction to the organization. Emma Brookes, Saurabh Khurana, Lacey Lucree, Jamie Portnoff, Rosa Qian and Ishan Samaddar are Truliant Directors.

“Over the last year, Truliant's leadership team has grown an enthusiastic, dedicated and highly capable team of PV experts to deliver high quality work for our clients, while working behind the scenes to develop internal functions and efficient processes to ensure stable company foundations allowing for continued growth,” said Ms. Brookes.

About Truliant Consulting

Truliant Consulting is an independent Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management consultancy dedicated to providing objective, highly skilled, and holistic consulting support that delivers value efficiently for our clients, regardless of the size of the client or the size of the engagement.

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