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Business Consulting

Truliant business transformation consultants work with PV and Risk management business teams in established pharma, vaccines, etc. companies to plan and execute:

Merger, acquisition, divestment and restructuring activities

Compliance remediation, including post-inspection clean-up

Process efficiencies and simplification

Process harmonization

New technology selection (read more)

New technology implementation (read more)

Our consultants apply practical hands-on industry knowledge and experience to provide immediate value to our clients as they tackle ongoing changes in a highly dynamic business environment.   Our practical knowledge spans the entire PV and risk management value chain, including how PV and risk management interacts with other functional areas in life sciences companies.  We have deep understanding of end to end PV and all supporting areas, including PV intake, case handling, regulatory reporting, aggregate reporting and analytics, signal detection, signal management, compliance monitoring, quality oversight, QMS, QPPV office, business partnerships and collaborations. Additional Services: Risk management, regulatory compliance advisory, tailored training programs, business intelligence system integration, and audit readiness are part of our holistic service offerings.

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